Association Wish Lists

YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County serves nearly 400 children per year throughout our programs and 90 women and their families.  Your generosity of gifts, whether they be of volunteering time, your talents, financial donations, or supplies for our programs are all greatly appreciated.

Here are the recommended ways you may donate items:

   If you would like to purchase needed items online, you can have them sent directly to:
    YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County
    401 Douglas Street
    Syracuse, NY 13203
    contact us so we know what to expect- at (315) 424-0040

    You may also deliver items to single programs by contacting the program to let them know you need to deliver a donation.  They will schedule a time when staff-members will be available to help with the delivery.

    Your time or talents may also be donated as well as supplies to a program.  There are many volunteer opportunities that may use your services or talents- from working on a landscaping project at Zonta House to a donation of tickets to events. You can donate bus tickets or gas cards to ensure children are able to go to a community event or residents are able to ride to appointments or job interviews.  Check with us often, we may have need of some item or service that appeals to you and would be of great service to us!

     The Administrative Offices for the YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County will take your old cell phone!  Please bring your old cell phones to: 401 Douglas Street, Syracuse 13203. 

These items can not be accepted at any program:
Older model tubed televisions
Old upholstered furniture
Old computers, montitors, printers and software
Soiled or outdated clothing
Used women's undergarments
Old large appliances
Used mattresses & pillows
Old/soiled linens and towels
"Discontinued" items such as VHS tapes and players, non-functioning electronics, small appliance in poor or non-functioning condition etc.
"Recalled" items such as toys, cribs or car seats
Men's clothing (other than "dress-up" clothes)
Some books
If in doubt as to if we can take a donated item contact us at 424-0040.


The wishlists for YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County
(for questions or more information call Heather  (315-424-0040).
Time & Talent

The wishlists for the girl and teen programs of Girls Inc. at the YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County
For questions or information call Flavia Rey de Castro (315-474-0746).
Time & Talent wishes

The wishlists for the YWCA Out of School Time Youth Development Programs
For questions or information call Adele Bryan  (315-424-0040).
Time & Talent wishes

The wishlists for the YWCA Syracuse Women's Residence Program
For questions or more information call Felicia Hall (315-471-9480)
Time & Talent wishes 
Women's Residence Holiday Wishlist