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"When I came to the YWCA I only had food, pots and pans, and clothes. That was it. I was glad they had furnished apartments. After some time there, the program helped me get my own furniture and I moved from one of their 2 bedroom apartments to a 3 bedroom apartment that I am still in. I completed the Life Skills program at the YWCA Women’s Residence Program and gained self-control and self-esteem. Since I have been in the program I have been able to maintain my sobriety, learn to trust others, reunite with family members, get off of PA, and become independent. I have become a better parent, gained self-confidence, and have a stable, safe place to live. The YWCA Women’s Residence Program and staff has made sure my needs were taken care of and taught me that people do care. It is like a family for me."
TG 10/11- on the YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County Residence Program

"Girls inc. has helped me to shape my own future. Girls inc. taught me what a good influence is, how to plan a family, how to balance a bank account and explore careers."
"My plans for the future are that I might go to college to become a Vet, a nurse or a childcare provider."
"This year I am in 11th grade and I am at a welding job site at the BOCES Johnson Center. I am the only girl in welding. Right now I am learning about safety in welding. Girls Inc is what gave me the confidence to be the only girl in a program like welding."
VS 11/11 on Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Syracuse & Onondaga County

 “I grew up in Canton, New York.  Back then large companies would recruit workers from the rural areas to come to the city,”  ESL says she was offered a job as a junior accountant with the Carrier Corporation.  To make the transition from Canton to Syracuse, ESL said it was a common practice for young, working women starting out to live initially at the YWCA.
“The most you could stay there was two years.” They had a few private rooms but most girls had a roommate.  Upstairs there was a community kitchen and refrigerator.  We just put our names on our food.  There was also a community room upstairs, but there were never any men allowed upstairs.  All our ‘dates’ had to wait downstairs for us.”
ESL says living at the YWCA was just a natural place for a young woman to live as she was starting her independent life.  “It was a safe place and my parents never had to worry.”
ESL reminiscing on staying the YWCA Syracuse Women's Residence Program  (from 1959-1961) 12/11

"The YWCA Program was one consistency in my sons' lives.  Because of my son's disability,  I thought I would have trouble finding a program that could handle him, but he has done well all eight years, thanks to the YWCA.  My son's disability was never an issue.  He was treated just like everybody else.  I would never have made it without them."
CB 12/09 on the YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County OST Programs.

"Today was awesome!  I met a new reporter and learned all about her job, so now I think I might want to go into Journalism."
NH after attending Girls Inc. at the YWCA Syracuse Expanding Your Horizons Career Conference 12/10 

"I have a six year old child that has been a part of the Syracuse YWCA before/after school program at Salem Hyde Elementary and Zonta House since last September of 2011.  My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and sometimes requires special consideration when included in activities with large groups and when needing to encourage better choices. My experience with the program so far has been an overall incredibly positive one to say the least".
"The staff is readily accessible, responsive, flexible and engaged with the children in a way I wish I could’ve found when I was searching for a daycare program when my child was younger. Many times when picking up, I found staff actively engaged playing games or doing arts and crafts one on one.   They consider each child’s individual needs when special needs are presented and they find a comprehensive and flexible way to meet those needs while making sure the group’s needs are also met. At times they even develop a solution that not only meets but exceeds needs. The staff at both sites consistently demonstrates a genuine interest in my child’s overall well being and for the other children as well."
The program is designed to fully support working parents by ensuring adequate and even above adequate coverage on ½ days, snow days and vacations at their off-site facility, the Zonta House. Their above average coverage is in the days that inclement weather closes schools earlier than expected. On these days not only is service at the Zonta house available but safe bus service is provided from the school to the site. The peace of mind it gives, knowing that your work day will not be interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances and having to make alternative arrangements." RF  on YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County OST Programs 7/12