Girls Inc. Teen Program

                    Our Fall Lineup :


                    October 4th- December 13th  



                             October 5th - December 14th  



Teen Summer Camps

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Our teen summer camps are designed to give girls the tools to face and overcome challenges at school (self-esteem, body image, healthy relationships) and to start envisioning a successful future (college and career readiness).

Dream BuildHER is a camp where 13 middle and high school girls will be introduced to entrepreneurship as a viable career option. Girls will go through the business planning process to create and sell a business idea (see more information below). In our camp, participants are expected to: (1) increase their self-awareness and ambition (See themselves as entrepreneurs and acknowledge entrepreneurship as a career option); (2) Improve their social skills (team work, interpersonal skills, communication skills, public speaking); (3) Improve their academic skills (problem solving, time management, gather and analyzing data, applying academic skills in real world settings). This camp is organized in collaboration with Fayetteville Free Library, Microsoft, and WISE (Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship).

Girl on the Move is a camp designed to focus on girls’ whole health, with an approach that addresses both physical and mental health. The four pillars on which we focus are: physical activity, stress management, body image, and nutrition. These areas were selected based on what we know are the factors that are the most crucial to address in support of girls’ whole health. We will deliver program activities that are designed to (1) provide girls with knowledge, skills and encouragement to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle; and (2) build learning, skills and behaviors that enable them to function independently and live a productive and fulfilling life. This camp is organized in collaboration with Reach CNY, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Urban Life Cross Fit.

 Style Engineers  is a camp designed to attract girls to science, technology, engineering, math, communications, and information technology through their interest in fashion and clothing design.  The program offers hands-on experiences with special fabrics, wearable electronics, and digital technology. Students will meet Cornell researchers, industry designers, and other young people.  They will make some items to take home (girls will make a skirt) and will work with a team on a final design challenge. The CNY Style Engineers Camp is organized in collaboration with Cornell University Fiber Science Department and Everson Museum.