Donation FAQs

How is my gift used?
Donations to the YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County support the numerous programs that aim to fulfill our mission to eliminate racism and empower women.  
These programs include:
•racial justice programming to create a more just and inclusive community;
•education and training for Women and Girls to ensure economic security;
•safe, affordable housing
•enrichment programs for girls to grow healthy, strong, and confident.
•youth development to ensure kids are safe and learning while their parents are able to continue to work.

A portion of donations, approximately 15%, do support administrative expenses.  This is well within industry standards.

Are gifts tax deductible?
The YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County is a 501c3 non-profit and your gifts are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.  Please consult your tax adviser for further information.

I am not comfortable giving online, how else may I make a gift?
Gifts are accepted:
•Via US Postal Service - Mail your donation to: 
   YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County
   120 E. Washington Street, Suite 415
   Syracuse, NY 13202
•In Person - Contact the YWCA Administrative Office at (315) 424-0040.
What types of gifts do you accept?
•Credit Cards 
•Online Donations
•Reoccurring Gifts
•Stock/Securities Transfers
How do I include your organization in my estate plans? (planned giving)
You can make a lasting gift to the YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County, Inc. by including the organization as a bequest in your will, creating a charitable trust or charitable gift annuity.  Check with your attorney or financial advisor. 

For more information contact the YWCA Administrative Office at (315) 424-0040.