My Sister's Closet

My Sister's Closet relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and groups who run clothing drives. By donating to My Sister's Closet, you can help women feel good about themselves and be better prepared for finding jobs in their "new" clothes.

Donations Accepted
The clothing in My Sister's Closet is professional work attire. For example, clothes one might wear on an interview or to a professional job. Although you can donate any type of clothing, only professional clothing is available in the "closet". Non-professional clothing will be distributed to YWCA residents and clients or used for fundraising for YWCA programs. Appreciated items are:

•professional (cleaned) women's clothing, in sizes 12 and up.
•scarves, jewelry
•new make-up
•shopping bags with handles 

To arrange for your donation please call LaVergne Harden Danzy at (315) 471-9480.

We appreciate it if clothing is left on hangers or delivered in another container that does not need to be returned to the donor.

Seasonal Clothing Donations
Although My Sister's Closet will accept clothing for any season, clothing for the current season is most appreciated. Following is a timetable when it is best to make your donations.

Winter—October, November, December, January
Spring—February, March
Summer—April, May, June, July
Fall—August, September

Please call and speak to LaVergne at (315) 471-9480 to ensure we are able to accept your donation.
Donation Drop off Location:
YWCA Residence Program
Almus Olver Tower
300 Burt St.
Syracuse, NY 13203