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We are strong alone - fearless together!

The YWCA is the worlds oldest, largest women's membership organization.  In the US we consist of over 300 associations.  Each association contains a membership of individuals reflective of their communities.  YWCA’s were one of the first organizations to use their member’s voices to:
• Advocate for safe conditions and limiting workdays for women and children in factories. YW’s started safe residences, training  and childcare programs for women who were coming to the city to find work.
• Fight for the vote, equal rights & civil rights educating women on the issues and integrating their programs and buildings.

The YWCA was a force to be reckoned with-having an outspoken strong membership from the late 1800’s through 1970’s.

Then we became quiet

Perhaps we thought we had achieved everything.  Attitudes had changed, women had control of their reproductive health, they worked, they did it all- what else was needed?

• Who controls a woman’s decisions concerning her reproductive health is in doubt.
• Women made the news with documented cases of gender wage inequity.
• White women in the US make an average of 77 cents to every dollar a white man makes. That’s a 12 cent improvement from the 1970’s.  Women of color make less!
• Women make up 51% of our population.
• Women make up only 16% of the legislative positions in our government (Iraq's Council of Representatives has 25% women)
• Nearly half-43% of 29.6 million working women in the US live in poverty (2007).  
Because of the concerns of the escalating issues women are facing, YWCA’s have taken steps to move back into a leadership role in advocacy working alone and forming coalitions with other organizations .  YWCA member advocates are speaking out!


We need your help!  We need your voice!  Please connect with us and become an advocate for the issues that affect women and girls.  It is easy and in this age of social media, fast and effective.

First Favorite our website and that of YWCA-USA we’ll keep you informed!


The YWCA makes advocacy quick!  Get the information to act:
Current information about the issues that matter to women YWCAVote and/or YWCA USA Website:
YWCA e-mail blasts and Surveys  Giving you the information you need to help us make policy choices and help you to act on the fast moving issues!

Not sure...check your facts!
If you are not sure what the real facts are on a political issue (when addressed by candidates) try some Political Fact Checking.

Raise your voice! 
With the YWCA, if you choose, you can be strong alone in your advocating for the issues that matter to you. With your help we can join voices and be fearless making a difference together!