Tell Us What Issues Are Important To You

We need your input!  We are surveying to determine how strongly you, as community members, feel about the various issues within the YWCA's focus priorities.    

This year the YWCA has contacted many of you to take action on legislation dealing with some of our focus priorities, such as:

Childcare and Education
Equal pay and Fair wages
Women's Health
VAWA & Domestic Violence
Elimination of Racism

Each of you have causes you feel deeply about.  We collect causes we are passionate about through everyday life. Many times issues affect us at work,or by knowing children, friends or elderly relatives that could be affected by changes in legislation. 
Sometimes, it is just being concerned about the day to day changes in the people and the community around us that make us feel passionate enough to act.

By responding  to Take Action e-mails you are helping the YWCA to continue over 100 years in advocacy.  We thank-you for your efforts and ask that you continue your work on our community's behalf!

You can let us know how strongly you feel about the issues the YWCA targets as priorities by taking a very short survey (under 5 minutes).  We know you are busy, however, your views are important to us!

Please take a few minutes to let us know how important these issues are to you.

Learn more about YWCA Advocacy Priorities.



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