2022 Spirit of American Women Award Nominations

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Award Nominations

Each year, the YWCA recognizes local women with the Spirit of American Women Awards. Awardees will be honored at the event, in addition to being highlighted on the YWCA’s social media platforms. Three awards will be presented, one for each category:

  • Excellence in Volunteerism
  • Leadership in Altruism & Advocacy
  • STEM Enrichment

If you know a female leader who is taking active measures to promote volunteerism, altruism, advocacy, and/or STEM enrichment in Central New York, please take a moment to nominate her! Nominations are now open and will be accepted through October 7.

Award Criteria

The nominee should demonstrate the following criteria for each award:

The Excellence in Volunteerism Award

This award recognizes a woman who is making significant contributions to her community through time, actions, talents, and dedication. The honoree is a model of compassion for and service to humanity. The honoree will embody the spirit of helping others through active volunteerism in her community.

The Leadership in Altruism & Advocacy Award

This award recognizes a woman who has made outstanding efforts to influence decisions and attitudes within political, economic, professional, and educational institutions in support of underrepresented community members. These efforts will have resulted in systems change, legislative action, civic engagement, grassroots advocacy, and/or brought awareness to an unmet need. The honoree will embody the spirit of unrelenting commitment to the empowerment of others.

The STEM Enrichment Award

This award recognizes a woman who drives awareness and education about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math. She will have created programs, mentored others, and/or implemented innovative approaches to demonstrate how STEM can be used to solve everyday problems. The honoree will embody the spirit of innovation to inspire the community to understand, appreciate, and apply STEM.


To submit a nomination for one of the three awards listed above, please complete the following form by Friday, October 7.


SAW Award Nomination Form

  • Describe how your nominee meets the award criteria listed above, including her impact on the community

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