Camp Discovery

Camp Discovery 2021

Camp Discovery is open to girls ages 5-12. This year camp will focus on Self-Discovery, Adventure, Character and Sisterhood. Girls will determine what their personal values are, be challenged to take positive risks, experience outdoor adventures and participate in physical, noncompetitive, exploratory challenges to test limits and create an opportunity for personal growth. Weekly schedule includes STEM projects, teambuilding workshops, community projects and weekly trips.

Week 1 | July 6-9: Welcome Week (Getting to Know You)
Introduction to Staff and the Zonta House. Orientation, Girls Inc 101, Group Agreements, Community Time, Name games, Team builders, Friendly competition, and Group Challenges.

Week 2 | July 12-16: HERStory
We aim to enrich girls’ self-image by providing opportunities to reflect on their past, define who they are in the present, and think about what their future holds. HERStory will encourage girls to recognize their uniqueness by taking time to reflect on their perspectives, questions, thoughts, feelings, and memories.

Week 3 | July 19-23 Character
Engage girls in discussion and activities leading to deep, meaningful reflection about the kinds of people they are and want to be. Girls will learn to identify virtues and behaviors that will help them develop into caring, respectful, responsible people who make choices based on what’s right, rather than what’s easy, and reinforce that treating people with respect leads to good friendships and positive interpersonal relationships.

Week 4 | July 26-July 30: Sisterhood
Help girls realize the destructive power of cliques and learn how to form more positive, supportive relationships with their peers through group discussions and team-building activities that teach how to diffuse their anger and manage conflict.

Week 5 | August 2-6: Community
Girls build their leadership skills, celebrate the heritage of girls and women as leaders and create lasting social change through community action projects.

Week 6 | August 9-13: Leadership
Girls deepen their understanding of girls and women as social change agents and discover their own leadership skills through hands-on activities, role play, and community exploration.

Week 7 | August 16-20: Discovery
Girl will be engaged in physical, noncompetitive, exploratory challenges to test limits and create an opportunity for personal growth. This week will be a wrap up of all the experiences gained throughout the summer.

Week 8 | August 23-27: Salute to Summer
Saying farewell to summer and celebrating, new experiences and friends.

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