Girls’ Summit Volunteer Registration Form

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Girls Summit Volunteer Registration Form

Girls Summit is a hands on S.T.E.A.M-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) career exploration day that introduces students in grades 5th-10th to “non-traditional” fields through keynote address, a series of workshops, and panel discussions comprised of students from local colleges and high schools. Each participant will rotate through 4 of 8 workshops, all on the ESF campus. Please answer the following questions to tell us what you are specifically hoping for the day of the event. We will follow up with you within two business days after you submit this form. Please understand that due to the close work with minors, a background check is required for all volunteers - at no cost to you! We also understand if you do not wish to include your Social Security Number online via the form. If that is the case, please contact Keely Marriott at 315-424-0040.
Which opportunity would you be willing to volunteer for during Girls Summit? Check all that apply.

Volunteering (NOTE: must be at least 18 years of age)

  • Group Guide:

    You and another volunteer will be assigned a group of 10-15 youth and for whom you will spend the day with: attend all sessions, breaks, and lunch. You will assist with room transitions, bathroom breaks, lunch, and pre- & post-evaluation. You are the go to person for your group! It is your responsibility to greet the youth and make them feel welcome and at ease when they arrive and throughout the day.

  • Registration & Reporting: 

    You will be responsible for signing youth in who have pre-registered and for registering youth who show up on the day of to register. You will also be responsible for handling payments and ensuring that all paperwork is filled out completely. After the registration period is over, you will enter information from the registration forms into a reporting system.

  • Floater & Photographer:

    You will be paired up with another volunteer to be a “floater” at each site – the designated ESF campus building and SU campus building. You will be the “go-between” for communication between workshop presenters and event staff. You will also be the point person for pointing group guides in the right direction at the site you are assigned to.