The first “Ladies’ Christian Association” was founded in New York City in 1858. 

The YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County has continuously served the needs of women since 1885. Its primary purpose, at that time, was to care for young girls moving into the city to work. 

Services expanded to include: 

  • A residence apartment complex 
  • Concerns about discriminatory wages for women and child labor 
  • Education and employment programs 
  • Recreational programs 
  • Day care for women’s children 

In 1918, as the YWCA building on East Onondaga St. was finished, and supportive housing for single women was formed, which included job training development programs. 

In 1974, an intervention program was established to support women who had been impacted by domestic abuse, substance abuse, incarceration, mental illness or other challenges.

The main residence at 300 Burt Street in Syracuse has 55 apartments. We also have 20 independent living units in partnership with Housing Visions that are located throughout the city.


For more information, please contact Nora Putman** at (315) 424-0040 or nputman@ywca-syracuse.org