YWCA Newsletter: February 2023

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YWCA Newsletter: February 2023

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Here's a recap of YWCA highlights from February 2023!

On February 16th we celebrated these five lovely ladies graduating from our Women to Work Program!

Throughout this four-week program, they have completed one week of Life Skills Training, followed by a week of mastering Customer Service Skills, and two weeks of Computer Skills Training. We are confident these women won’t only survive, but thrive, in the job market!











In January, we began highlighting a local soccer player who is setting a positive example of hard work and leadership within our YWCA Youth Soccer Program!

We are proud to introduce our second Player of the Month, Jessica!











Jessica shared that Syracuse City Futbol Community has taught her that “cooperation is the key to success. You have to work hard for what you want.” The game of soccer has benefitted her life by teaching her valuable skills, she says. “Trying your best, teamwork and mindset are all part of the game. It’s something I can always look forward to.”

We are confident that Jessica’s hard work and dedication with the YWCA will lead to future success in anything she sets her mind to!

During February we also hosted our Girls Inc. at YWCA Winter Break!









It was five full days of FUN – including a trip to the Museum of Science & Technology, crafts and games, ice skating at Sunnycrest Rink, and more!

We also partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Syracuse to host a Black SciGirls® Program, offering fun research-based, gender-equitable instructional strategies to empower girls around STEM. The week ended on a high note with presentations from STEM professionals at C&S Companies, Lockheed Martin, Hueber-Breuer Construction, and Syracuse University.

SciGirls is produced for PBS by Twin Cities PBS and is made possible by the National Science Foundation. Additional support provided by Northrup Grumman Foundation and PPG Industries. SciGirls ®/© 2018 Twin Cities PBS, Inc. pbskids.org/scigirls